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Feminapause™ FAQs

Do you want to know when to take Feminapause? How long does Feminapause take to work? Find out more below in our Feminapause questions and answers!

Feminapause™ Product Questions

Recommended daily dose is 1 capsule per day. Do not exceed recommended daily dose of 1 capsule per day.

We regularly monitor our customers’ reviews so we have a good understanding of the broader effect. We see that the majority of women have a positive effect after c.a 3-4 weeks. 


There are however quite a few ladies who noticed changes within just a few days and a few ladies mentioned a later onset ca. 6-7 weeks. So with 3-4 weeks being the average there is a possibility that it can be sooner or a few weeks later.

We get asked a lot at what time it is best to take Feminapause™. Generally, there’s no definitive answer on when to take Feminapause™. Above all the ideal time is whenever you feel CBD fits best into your routine. If you find a particular time of day easier to remember then that’s the best route to take as maintaining a regular routine with CBD is the most important part. 

It’s important to take your CBD supplement regularly every day. CBD takes a few weeks to work as it builds up in the system. There is a point at which you can build up a tolerance to CBD in which case taking a short break and then resuming resolves it. It’s called a “tolerance break”. This usually only happens after months of taking CBD.

While there isn’t a lot of research yet to help us determine the exact length of time for a break, there was a study in 2015 that shows that after about 48 hours, the endocannabinoid receptors have already started to reset. As a result, it’s generally accepted that 48+ hours is a good tolerance break. 

We recommend taking a tolerance break for about a week then resuming. For some people 2 weeks may be better, so see what works for you by trying a week first after Feminapause™ stops working and then resuming. Stretch it to 2 weeks if 1 week didn’t work. 

If you are on other medication please consult with your doctor about possible interactions.


It is rare that CBD causes any side-effects but CBD may cause drowsiness, dizziness and digestive issues such as diarrhoea in some people. If any side-effects occur then please stop taking the supplement and consult with your doctor. Read more about “Is Feminapause Safe? What are the Feminapause side effects?” 

If you’re on any other medication then you should consult with your doctor to see if CBD is safe to take with it.

We have ladies asking us frequently about the safety with certain medication but we are unfortunately not allowed to provide advice on interactions with medication.

CBD oil has the potential to modify the metabolism of other agents if taken along with them. Most of our ladies get the go ahead from their GP!

Determining whether to take CBD oil on an empty or full stomach gets a little more complicated. Normally during studies people are given CBD on an empty stomach to reduce variability, however some recent research shows that taking CBD after a meal high in fats (healthy fats!) means people were exposed to nearly 5x more CBD!


Healthy fats include:  Avocados, dark chocolate, cheese, eggs, fatty fish, nuts, chia seeds, olive oil, tofu, yoghurt etc.


Above all don’t get too caught up on what to eat and when to take CBD oil. If you eat breakfast regularly with healthy fats then consider taking CBD after your breakfast, if you don’t then take it on an empty stomach to lower variability, but again just try to maintain a routine above all!

Yes, Feminapause is 100% gluten-free