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do I have menopause quiz

Do I Have Menopause Quiz

Tired? Hot flushes? Which stage of the menopause are you in? Find out in 60 seconds for Free!

Curious about the changes happening in your body and suspect that you are in the menopause? Take this quiz to assess your symptoms and find out which stage of menopause you’re in.

Developed by experts in women's health, with inspiration from PsychologyToday.

Start here now...

Are you over 40 years?

Are you experiencing hot flashes or sudden waves of heat that make your face and neck flush?

Have you noticed an increase in night sweats, causing you to wake up with damp clothes or sheets?

Are you having trouble sleeping or experiencing insomnia?

Have you noticed mood swings, irritability, or feelings of sadness that are unusual for you?

Are you experiencing vaginal dryness or discomfort during sexual intercourse?

Have you observed changes in your skin, such as dryness or thinning?

Are you experiencing any difficulty concentrating, forgetfulness, or mental fogginess?

Have you noticed a decrease in your overall energy levels or an increase in fatigue?

Have you gained weight, especially around the abdomen, that you can't seem to lose easily?

Have you experienced any changes in your menstrual cycle, such as irregular periods or skipped periods?

Do you often experience itching or discomfort on your skin that is not related to allergies or skin conditions?

Have you been dealing with joint pain or stiffness that is unrelated to an injury or a medical condition like arthritis?

Do you find yourself frequently feeling anxious or experiencing heightened levels of worry that are interfering with your daily life?

Free Menopause Nutrition Guide

Your body changes during the menopause which means your food & health choices are more important than ever.
Follow our Nutrition Guide for help with menopause symptoms!

Get everything you need to know:

- The most important nutrients - Easy-to-follow meal plan - Things to avoid

Written by Lindsey Jerke, Certified Nutritionist & Researcher, Master of Science (MS) in Nutrition Sciences.


Feminapause for the Menopause

Feminapause™ targets menopause symptoms such as hot sweats, insomnia, anxiety etc. and also improves energy levels by introducing high levels of B vitamins. Studies have shown a strong link between vitamin B6 deficiency and joint pain so it also helps relieve joint pain.

The secret ingredient in this product is the 100% organic hemp extract that stimulates hormones and the production of serotonin which helps hot sweats in particular. Hemp Extract helps with emotional difficulties & sleep but has also been proven to help menopause related night sweats and hot flushes!