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Running vs walking

Running vs walking

One of the most frequently asked questions throughout the health and well-being industry is, is running or walking better? Further questions also commonly asked are:

  • Is running bad for my joints
  • How long/fast do i need to reach my goals
  • Should I be running every day?


But here is my question to you. Do you enjoy running? And have you ever considered maybe just… taking a stroll instead?


Benefits if running and walking

Running or Jogging have no doubt proven to have their numerous health benefits such as, increasing endurance, stamina and yes, even playing a fundamental role in fat loss to those who integrate this form of exercise into their lifestyle as a daily objective. However, what if I told you, running has actually proven to increase weight gain in some cases as well as cause permanent repetitive strain injuries on joints? Specifically, hips, knees and ankles?


Running no doubt has its benefits, however primarily for those who are already experienced runners/athletes. Running has proven to actually stimulate weight gain within the average public sector due to people narrowing their daily activity levels down to that one run a day. Leaving them less active throughout the rest of the day and more susceptible to weight gain, due to lack of other activity.


There is a much simpler, more enjoyable, slow pace and less damaging way for you to burn fat, lose weight, clear your head and get the fresh air we all need to obtain a healthy, functioning mind. Walk.


Studies have proven, walking 10 000 steps a day is more than the average person requires to obtain healthy levels of daily activity without specifically exercising for ‘X’ period of time.


It’s all about realistic goals

Setting a goal as such, is a great way to improve physical results without even realising that you are doing it or requiring the motivation to do so. All we have to do to obtain this goal, is to simply be conscious. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Walk those 15 minutes between your bus stop and work. Get off 3 stops early and walk. Park further away and walk the rest of the distance.


These are all simple, yet effective ways you can increase your step count and get to losing that weight and increasing those endurance levels, without the strains of running! If however you enjoy taking a specific amount of time out of your day for exercise, try going for a walk outside or try a 30 minute incline walk on a treadmill (Incline 12-15, speed 4-6) , guaranteed to leave you sweating twice the amount you would on a normal run.


So, what can we take from this?

Walking can be just as, if not more, effective as running. And if you are not an experienced runner and are thinking of starting, consider walking instead.

Seeing results is all about creating realistic and achievable goals, walking offers just that. So get them walking boots on and strutt away!