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How Long Does Menopause Last?

When and how long do symptoms of the menopause last vary for each individual. It’s common for menopausal symptoms during the entire time of perimenopausal and into postmenopausal to last on average around seven years but it can also take as long as fourteen years, sadly!!


Starting with perimenopause symptoms which can last up to four years on average which generally do start to ease once in full menopause and then postmenopause. Once an entire 12 months have passed without a period then you are considered postmenopausal. However, once you reach the postmenopausal stage the symptoms may still continue for an average of four to five years. They may however decrease in frequency and intensity, thankfully, but having said that some women have experienced symptoms even longer.


Going through the menopause can be uncomfortable, emotionally and physically hard and sometimes even painful for many women. It is however a normal and manageable part of ageing we should learn to embrace.


Without a doubt, this all can have a huge impact on our daily life, including relationships, social life, family life and work. It can also feel different for each one of us as we are all unique, you may have a number of symptoms and sometimes even none?


So basically, there is no simple straight forward answer to the question, how long does the menopause last? The truth of the matter is it can be more fortunate for some women lasting just months where as for others it could be years.


The time after menopause, postmenopausal will last till the end of our lives and it’s important to continue to manage this. The risks of certain conditions like osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases rise after menopause. Therefore, it’s important to develop healthy lifestyle habits before and after menopause. You should also continue to visit your doctor for wellness visit appointments. Lifelong attention to calcium, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle reduces your risk.


We can manage and embrace this next stage in our wonderful lives.


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