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HRT Shortages & Hemp as an Alternative

HRT Shortages & Hemp as an Alternative – My Journey

So you get to an age where you start feeling somehow different, not sure as to why and then you begin to wonder, could it be the menopause?


Once confirmed my initial feelings were mixed, sad, emotional and anxious as to me it was a confirmation of a stage in life mostly related to getting old. At first I think I was a little in denial not wanting it to take hold but as we all know there is no stopping this phase in life and so I naively did nothing to ease the symptoms at first.


For me the time then came when at work (in an all male office) during presentations etc the hot flashes would occur and it was then I decided to do something about it….! The denial-phase was officially over!


Difficulty Accessing HRT

After lots of research and searching for help and advice I became more confused as to what’s the best option so I decided to speak with my GP about HRT.


It was suggested that I consider the HRT patch although at that time it wasn’t even available! The NHS have a HRT shortage and will not be available again until 2021..?? I was in complete disbelief! 


Regardless I was in two minds about HRT to begin with and extensive research showed that HRT can have many serious side effects, this was not an option for myself and so I continued to search for a natural alternative to HRT.


CBD Oil as a HRT Alternative

In the meantime I had been diagnosed with Advanced Osteoarthritis and with long waiting lists on the NHS for hip replacements It was recommended I try CBD (Hemp oil) to help with the inflammation, aches & pains.


It was incredible how it helped with the pain but then I also began to realise that the hot flushes had subsided and the night sweats basically stopped! 


I then ventured to try vitamin b12 because of my low energy levels and the effect of that was life changing! I follow a very healthy diet so the idea of supplementing with vitamins before discovering how important B12 is during the menopause was a bit alien to me. I learnt that as we get older our bodies become less able to absorb vitamin b12 so we need it in high doses.


All I can say is that with CBD and b12 my menopause symptoms have improved significantly and is an all through natural remedy which is what I had been searching for all along.


Feminapause menopause supplement works and gives you back your quality of life with no adverse side effects…! Try it yourself here or find out more about the effect of CBD on menopause symptoms here


Adele Wragg xx


The recommendations reflect the opinions of the author only and should not be taken as medical advice. If you are on any medications and have any pre-existing medical conditions please contact your doctor for advice. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment